Calgary Painting & Remodelling Ltd. is a full-service, professional painting and remodelling business. The history of the business starts back in 1996 in Milano, specializing in renovations and Venetian Plaster techniques. Today, we deal with a wide variety of painting and renovation projects in Calgary. Our work is based on the following core values: integrity, quality, commitment, responsibility and service excellence.

Painting and remodelling play a significant role in our daily lives. It is important to feel comfortable and enjoy the place where we spend most of our time during the day. Such places are: home, office, store, business etc. Are you still undecided on whether your place needs to be renovated? Here are the major reasons for painting and remodelling:

  Maintenance: all materials become old or damaged over time. Repairs or replacements should be done regularly to ensure proper functioning and safety in order to avoid health hazards or costly emergencies.  
  Upgrade: to increase the value of the property and make it more attractive to the market.  
  Functionality: add extra space to increase comfort and functionality of the areas.  
  New Style: give a new, modern or classic look to your place.  
  Positive Energy: renovation makes us feel better and think positive; also the colors have the power to beautify our lives, influence our psychology and mood, as well as calm, stimulate, and inspire us.